Social Networking

Online Social Invasion

Social Networking is emerging as a powerful medium announcing arrival of an era of association. It is not merely changing the nature of social and political influences, but is also renovating work and business strategies.  Apart from being a change agent, it has empowered its users like never before.

With benefits of enabling people to find friends and keep in touch, it has some obscured hurdles in the backdrop spawning an inescapable network of menacing deeds and threats.

A Social Affair

Social networking that provides a common platform to keep in touch with the world, has amplified in the last few years. With pedestals like Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, Flickr, etc. in the social arena, users across the globe are interacting with each other, defying the time and distance barriers. Enormous amount of information is passed through such platforms edifying and revolutionizing attitude and beliefs of millions of people.

Apart from social connections, social media has emerged as a potent assistance to corporate convention. It is being used widely for various business purposes like recruitment, marketing, promotion of goods and services, etc.

But with ever increasing dependency over Social Media, a pool of uninvited plights has been created making users worldwide to review their social habits. As a result of their aggressive socialization manners, users end up sanctioning unauthorized access to hackers, virus infection, data theft, loss of privacy and pilfering of financial information. Recently, a Facebook virus was found invading socializer’s space in the social networking world.

An Antidote

A drive for social acceptance and a sense of cyber entitlement has made the youth to violate security policies, exposing themselves to cyber thugs. Keeping at stake their privacy and vital information, they enter into the trap of the techno-criminals.

But with every disease, there is an antidote. Users worldwide are advised to follow precautionary measures while socializing online:

– Never reveal username or passwords to anyone.

– Do not accept friend requests from strangers.

– Do not click on suspicious links.

– Do not download unfamiliar apps and games to your system.

– Do not click on advertisements promising free products and discounts blinking on the screen, as they may download malicious files to the computers.

– Teenagers must be discouraged to use such Social networking websites especially in the absence of an adult supervision.

Apart from imparting broader education, well-defined guidelines, application and answerability among the youth, rampant threats pestering a user necessitate them to obtain professional help.

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