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Computer Security Tips

Computer Security

Mounting information needs and the pervasive use of computer networks, especially internet, to meet these requirements has made computers vulnerable to security threats stealing user’s privacy.

Safeguarding oneself from such security threats and protecting their private data like bank details, email account, photos, videos, etc. from being leaked to the world, users must take some precautionary steps.

Precautionary Steps

Email Security

  • Remove unfamiliar Emails: Delete email attachments from unknown people without opening them as they may contain malwares or virus eyeing confidential information on your computer. Also, beware of strange links or attachments given in Instant Messaging (IM) programs as they may have malicious codes attached.
  • Use smart passwords: Use strong passwords with a minimum of eight characters with a mix of special symbols, numbers and letters. Use different passwords for different accounts.

Secure your Computer

  • Enable Firewall: Install firewalls on computers as they keep unauthorized programs from attacking the computer systems even if they have access to your network.
  • Use updated Antivirus software: Use a trusted antivirus program with regular updates, as an outdated antivirus program may not protect you from newer threats developed by hackers.
  • Use anti-spyware/Anti-malware protection: Install a trusted anti-spyware and anti-malware program. Make sure you keep these programs updated.

Browser Security

Select browsers wisely. Be it Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, each browser offer distinctive features with different security settings. Check your Browser Security and Privacy settings periodically, matching your internet activities and usage level.

Use Encryption

If you store your personal data on a laptop or other portables devices, use encryption software. Encrypting the devices helps in protecting the data stored in the device in case it is stolen or lost.

Online Privacy

  • Read Privacy Policies: Make sure you read the privacy policies of websites you are visiting before disclosing any personal information, to ensure security of the data supplied.
  • Avoid downloading files from insecure websites: Download files like wallpapers, screensavers, games, or other programs from secure websites only. Always download files to the Downloads folder and make sure you scan the folder before running them.
  • Social networking safety: Check and disable the GPS locator of your mobile device to display your location on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, Stumbleupon, etc. while uploading pictures or videos, if you don’t want the world to know your current location.
  • Shop online safely: While submitting purchase information, check for the lock icon on the browser’s status bar that indicates secure submission of data. Also, be sure that “https” appears in the browser address bar before making an online purchase as this indicates the site being secure.

A defenseless computer system without any protective shield is more likely to get infected by viruses and hackers than a computer with some defending mechanism. So, adopting these precautionary steps can dodge the threats mongering the cyber world and protect your computer falling prey to threats unarmed.

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Printer SupportThe last decade has remained an eyewitness for a wonderful transformation. Gradually carving out a cosy niche within our home ambits, printers have now ceased to be typified as the top-notch office accessory. There is one more across-the-board and welcoming change as now your printing pal, apart from its routine printing affair, has transcended itself into a photocopier, a scanner and last but not the least, a fax machine.  But technology on a whole is a risky affair and printers too haven’t escaped from it. As the case most of times, printers always refuse to dislodge when they are in great need.


Oooops!!! My printer gone crazy again

Atleast once for sure, every one of us must have got stuck with the tantrums of printer. And off course, it’s always really frustrating as the climax of all jobs is to get the things onto paper. Rampant printer problems have their derivation from hardware issues, driver problems, software clashes, and networking concerns. So, there is spooling, caused by printer driver compatibility and also due to usage of different printer types on same network to printer queue problems caused by offline printers and paper jams. Printing quality also remains a frequently met grouse among the printer patrons.


Resolve printer problems with premium support

Are you getting involved in regular whining about your printer problems? Then it’s the consultation time as only a professionally derived piece of advice can alleviate your printer from everyday complications.  Printer support can effectively address most of the common technical snags, which put on show no-go signal to your printer and moreover you can avail these services anytime, anywhere according to your convenience.

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