Windows 8 - Touching Future

Windows 8 - Touching the Future

Your digital personality is reliant on the usernames, passwords and Personal Identification Number or PINs. But it’s the decade of hackers and no wonder your digital identity is at a greater stake than ever before. Password cracking has evolved to be a part and parcel of the hacking anatomy therefore securing cyber identity has came to be a herculean challenge to accomplish.

Keeping an ardent focus on this critical issue, Microsoft has come up with its all new version of Operating system – Windows 8 assuring strict congruency with the same.  Encumbered with superlative security features, Microsoft through its Windows 8 has clinched that no stone remains unturned when the question is of your cyber identity.

Passwords – A Perilous Business

As the need for strapping and consistent information security system is being increasingly felt, password management is proving to be a prime impasse.  As hacker industry is gaining momentum, they are coming up with novelistic artifice to disband your security channels.

Passwords are falling an easy prey to hacker’s assault as they are easier to crack now than ever before through methods like phishing, keylogging and guessing. Phishing attacks are stealing consumer identities and creating major encumbers on e-businesses. Keylogging is tracing what all is being typed on your keyboard. With most of us having multiple online accounts this news is like a worst nightmare coming true.

Windows 8 – Freighted with antimalware features

Brimmed with smart features such as Windows Defender, Smart Screen and Secure Boot, Windows 8 has tried to come up with foolproof password protection mantra that will ensure your multiple account passwords doesn’t fall as a booty for cyber goons.

Secure Boot or UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) feature, managed through an assortment of chipset, hardware, OS vendors, and firmware, ensures that only signed and trusted code and boot leaders can execute the boot path thus nullifying the danger of malware sneaking into the system like in other operating systems.

Another intelligent feature is Windows Defender loaded with Microsoft antimalware engine defending your PC from all kinds of viruses and malware.

Windows 8 comes with all-new Smartscreen filter which make use of URL reputation technique to block all the illegitimate and malicious thugs from permeating into your system through internet.

That’s not all as new Windows 8 comes with add-ons to the features that were incorporated in previous Windows versions. These features are extended ASLR protection, improved Windows kernel, added guard pages for Windows heap allocation and “Use-after-free” vulnerabilities resistant IE. So, catch on the new Windows 8 and get a cosy protective wrap for your passwords.