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Hackers target Children playing games online

Children playing Games online - An easy target for Hackers

Hackers in urge to satisfy their greedy needs are adopting numerous dishonest methods to extract private information from user’s computers. With every step towards technological advancement, cyber hooligans are bringing in new-fangled ways to crack users’ computer security. This time Hackers target children who in an impulse for entertainment visit numerous cartoon gaming sites. Such sites disguised as innocent looking gaming destination, end up installing malwares into their parents’ computer, thereby stealing vital information.

A Sneak-in Game plan of Hackers

Innocent kids unaware of the deceitful techniques of such fraudsters, tend to click on suspicious links culminating the security gears of the computer, enabling them to access private data of their parents.

According to recent reports, various websites offering free games, misguides users to get ‘driveby downloads’ resulting in infection of computer with the deadly Trojan virus, which further directs their PC to other infectious sites.

With children hopping impulsively between different sites makes them vulnerable to more serious virus attacks than the adults.

An Antidote

Although it is difficult to identify the illegitimate websites by just viewing it, users can protect their privacy with some precautionary steps.

  • Educating children on the dangers posed by such malicious websites and taming their online gaming activities, becomes the first step of the cautionary stride.
  • User must ensure that the browser used is up-to-date with its security features like warnings activated.
  • Installation of a reliable Anti-virus program that notifies user of a website being infected and blocking such threats to enter the computer.

Despite using all such measures, users tend to fall prey to the cyber thugs, sneaking into their computer on a look-out for confidential information. Users should take professional help from elite organizations assuring comprehensive security of their PC from such malicious elements and waning users computer distresses.

PCCare247 a forerunner in providing Online Technical Support to computer users worldwide, offer 24×7 Computer Support to all brands of desktops and laptops, assuring complete security to computer users. PCCare247 promises to provide unsurpassed Tech help and round-the-clock IT Technical support services for all your computer related issues.

Computer Support

Online Computer Support

Ever since computers have witnessed the light of day, technology has been very much involved in shaping the varied aspects of the progressive human society. With this infiltration, although life has seen some of the most welcoming transformations, but another grimmer trend has also surfaced and that is of a shooting graph of technical issues. Designated as a wonder machine, computers may play a mess when they get plagued by a myriad of technical issues. And as the case always, when this happens, your work encounters a sudden setback and you are on crossroads, desperately looking out to grab a piece of advice or assistance for your ailing companion.

Onsite v/s Online Computer Support

Gone the days of onsite support, when it’s all about either taking your computer for work-shopping or to invite strangers at your home to get poured by advice, advice and some more advice!!! With changing times, getting computer help is no more a harassing affair. It’s now all about a phone call and that’s fairly enough to banish the lines of worry from your grim face.

Online computer support has firmly gained an all-time favorite reputation among millions of hapless PC users across the globe, which have been struggling to get over with now and then blues of their machine. It’s more than a piece of advice as certified technicians can now remotely gain access of your system (off course with your permission) to detect and nail down the root cause of your PC’s infirmity.  And, at the same time you can grab a cup of coffee to relax and see your computer being worked upon in front of your eyes!

As easy as snapping fingers, a reliable tech support from a genuine technical support provider can give you a breather from issues derailing the work performance of your laptops, desktops, printers, peripherals, browsers, emails and many more. Above all, it’s no more taking fuzz out of your head when your system gets crippled with a virus attack, as online tech support gives you a sure shot instant respite from virus and other malware related problems.

Whom to trust

While Googling through net, you may encounter several online tech support providers, which go on boasting of their achievements.  It’s really puzzling to put your cursor on one of these as everyone can be seen making skyrocketing claims. But PCCare247 is all together different, its approach is not to waste efforts in making unfeasible claims but to go and grab the customers’ gratification. Kick-starting a new era in the domain of computer tech support, PCCare247 has focused sternly on carving out a special niche in the heart of its customers. Whether it’s about virus removal, spyware removal, malware removal or it’s about antivirus support, desktop support, laptop support, printer support, browser support or about many more services, PCCare247 has come to lie as an undeniable leader in doling out quality services to its customers.

Online ShoppingWith the impulse for instant & convenient services and advancement of technology, more and more people are drifting towards shopping online. Online shopping also known as E-Commerce is enticing millions of shoppers across the globe, assuring huge discounts and many other promotional sales offers. Offering the same, or even better, deals than going to store, it relieves the shopper of standing in long queues, wasting his precious time.

E-Commerce websites now-a-days offers shoppers with a variety of goods, that could be purchased conveniently, with goods delivered at one’s doorstep. Books, Cards, Electronic goods including music players, mobile phones, cameras, Television sets, etc. are among the products offered by such e-commerce websites.

A large number of people are becoming habitual to online shopping for all their purchases. But this habit of online shopping using credit cards and online bank accounts has made shoppers vulnerable to deceiving hackers. In an urge to save more and acquire easy services, one may fall prey to a swindle. Hence, before submitting such critical information over cyberspace, few precautions must be observed for a secure shopping experience.

Safety measures for Shopping Online

Firstly, computer must be protected with a trusted antivirus and anti-malware software. User must use a secure browser and look for URLs starting with “https://”, as they label a secure website.

A thoughtful selection of company should be done before making a purchase, with particular attention to shipping charges. One must look out for unbelievably low prices and keep record of purchases done by him.

A shopper may be persuaded to reveal his private credentials by phishing emails and scams which may steal his hard earned money in just a click. One must keep all his passwords and other vital information private.

Safe payment methods must be adopted to shop product over internet. Instead of using debit/credit combo cards, credit card on a secure site must be used, which empowers buyer to dispute charges on non-receipt of product. It also provides additional protections like complete replacement in case of damage or non-worthiness of product.

With Christmas round the corner, and long queues, full parking spaces and crowded stores, shoppers are hurling away with a click of mouse over internet. For a pleasant holiday shopping experience, user must secure his network from criminals stealing their vital information. With round-the-clock services and unparalleled computer support, many reliable organizations like PCCare247 provide users across the globe, complete freedom from such computer threats.

Online Computer Support

Cyber Crime - A Menace

In this cyber age, wherein a vast range of activities are carried out using modern technology, unlawful activities carried out in collusion with criminal expertise are not all that far either. Turning Cyber-crime into a harsh reality, wherein a computer is either used as a tool or the gadget becomes a target of criminal activities. In short, Cyber Crime has become a menace in this technologically advanced world. A claim further substantiated by a rise in criminal activities endangering a nation’s security and financial strength.


Menace of Cyber Crime:

The internet while connecting users worldwide; provides enormous amount of information and services. It has also ended up exposing netizens to security threats. In fact, its deviant offshoot; cyber-crime has been considered to give rise to range of illegal activities and breach of privacy through activities such as e-mail espionage, spams, data diddling, credit card fraud, software piracy and so on. Turning crime into an all too evident and prominent force considered responsible towards escalation of incidents related to hacking, copyright breach, child pornography and child grooming.


A drive for Cyber Crime:

A desire for money and information, encourage people to engage in criminal activities promising lower risks and higher ROI. Luring various cyber criminals to commit fraud, steal financial information and hack into networks in order to fulfil their craving for money and power. A case where it might be observed vulnerable computers with lower protection definitions fall prey to cybercriminals, always looking around to get their hands on confidential information.

Forcing authorities to identify culprits on the basis of motives instigate

d by the surroundings in which they live. Leading to a conclusion children and adolescents in the age group of 9-16 tend to commit such crimes for the sheer amusement quotient associated with them.  Or if otherwise; looking forward to accomplish various political, social and religious objectives, or joining a group of organised hackers to carry out a range of cyber-criminal activities. And yes, if cyber criminals are not a part of the aforementioned spectrum they end up comprising of displeased employees and professional hackers aiming to satisfy their financial motives through corporate espionage.


Guard your system:

Due to the rising competition and a craving for information and services, a drastic change has been observed in the cyber world. Virtually all activities are performed using modern technology. Leading expert

s around the world repeatedly express concern over the vulnerability of the computers and networks becoming victims of unlawful activities carried out by cyber criminals.

With effect, a blatant criminal exploitation of computers and networks forcing individuals to obtain a robust technical support that would end up safeguarding them from deceitful activities carried out by the cyber criminals. Spring up opportunities galore for a number of premier organizations to provide a hassle-free service delivery, provide online technical support offering services like Virus & Malware removal, spyware & adware removal, printer support, router support and so on. In essence, asking one to not only install a complete defense mechanism for protecting the system from venomous cyber criminals but guaranteeing its survival in such a vicious world for a time to come.