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Hackers target Children playing games online

Children playing Games online - An easy target for Hackers

Hackers in urge to satisfy their greedy needs are adopting numerous dishonest methods to extract private information from user’s computers. With every step towards technological advancement, cyber hooligans are bringing in new-fangled ways to crack users’ computer security. This time Hackers target children who in an impulse for entertainment visit numerous cartoon gaming sites. Such sites disguised as innocent looking gaming destination, end up installing malwares into their parents’ computer, thereby stealing vital information.

A Sneak-in Game plan of Hackers

Innocent kids unaware of the deceitful techniques of such fraudsters, tend to click on suspicious links culminating the security gears of the computer, enabling them to access private data of their parents.

According to recent reports, various websites offering free games, misguides users to get ‘driveby downloads’ resulting in infection of computer with the deadly Trojan virus, which further directs their PC to other infectious sites.

With children hopping impulsively between different sites makes them vulnerable to more serious virus attacks than the adults.

An Antidote

Although it is difficult to identify the illegitimate websites by just viewing it, users can protect their privacy with some precautionary steps.

  • Educating children on the dangers posed by such malicious websites and taming their online gaming activities, becomes the first step of the cautionary stride.
  • User must ensure that the browser used is up-to-date with its security features like warnings activated.
  • Installation of a reliable Anti-virus program that notifies user of a website being infected and blocking such threats to enter the computer.

Despite using all such measures, users tend to fall prey to the cyber thugs, sneaking into their computer on a look-out for confidential information. Users should take professional help from elite organizations assuring comprehensive security of their PC from such malicious elements and waning users computer distresses.

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