Flashback Malware infects Mac Computers

The recently discovered Flashback Malware which is believed to be the biggest Mac malware threat till date gives Apple a tough time. Flashback malware that was found infecting about 600,000 Mac computers worldwide, mostly in the US and Canada, is still believed to be bullying the Mac users.

The Malware

There are reportedly 14 different variations of the Flashback malware. The first 13 versions have been identified as Trojan horses. The most recent version of malicious software, listed as Malware.OSX.Flashback.N by Intego, and .K, exploits a security flaw in Java to install itself on user’s hard drive after visiting infected websites, thereby infecting the Mac machines. Designed to steal private information such as usernames and passwords, Flashback is causing restlessness among the Mac users, raising the question of security.


Not Dead Yet

Despite the removal tool released by Apple, the malware continues to exist in about 140,000 Mac machines. Although there has been drop from 600,000 infected machines that were reported earlier this month, the decline is not as good as was expected. According to the Symantec Officials, the rate of removal is slowing. Some believe that the tool is not good enough to remove the malware from the Mac computers. Although a possibility of unawareness of the Mac users about the Malware infection could not be ruled out.


Detecting Flashback

Flashback can be detected by observing the characteristics of the IP address behaving like a Flashback botnet. Flashback installs bot malware onto the Mac machine connecting it to the overall Flashback botnet. The Flashback botnet uses a set group of IP destination addresses. If the computer regularly connects to one or all of those IP addresses, the machine is infected.

Although Flashback malware, that is reported to be one of the worst Mac attacks in decades, has stained Apple’s image of invulnerability. Keeping this issue in perspective, it has only affected a tiny percentage of all Mac computers used worldwide.


The Fix

Apple released a Flashback malware removal tool recently for OS X Lion users without Java installed in their systems. Currently, Apple doesn’t offer a similar stand-alone tool for earlier versions of the Operating System.

A number of other third party companies like PCCare247 are offering unending Macintosh Support to the Mac users helping them detect and remove the malware from their systems. Not only removal, the organization ensures continuous Tech Support services for your Mac computers.