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Japan developing Virus for Cyber Security

Virus to "Seek and Destroy" another Virus

Computer viruses have made structured inroads into the cyber space defying every attempt so far to keep them in check. Each passing day, this crusade is getting stretched and engulfing newer domains in it. Ever mongering computer virus threat has forced tech-heads to go off the beaten path for seeking newer formulations to strangulate the virus menace, once and for all. But as the case always, it’s easier to communicate things than to practice them.  But things are about to change soon.

Japan sprouting Virus removal methods

A promising news has just arrived from Japan, where research is on to defeat the virus trouble by abiding on the counteraction approach. Apart from Tsunami, year 2011 has also been the year when Japan witnessed one of its worst nightmares coming alive in terms of cyber security.

It all started in October, 2011 when Japan’s Parliament computer system came under cyber attack followed by jamming of a computer system run by about 200 Japanese local governments. Consulates and embassies of Japan in about nine countries reported that their systems have caught virus infection.

Tasting a defeat from the hands of computer virus, now the Government of Japan has banked upon a new technique where a virus with “seek and destroy” capabilities will be brought into play for diluting the virus problem in an effective manner. The plan is to use virus against virus. This virus v/s virus fixture will go on till the good virus detects and beats the bad one and then banish it forever.

Give thumbs down to Virus menace

Alike the case with Japan, viruses can also bring in nightmarish experience for you. Before any new technology is borne to counteract them, it’s always advisable to go out for handy solutions so that you don’t have to fall a victim at hands of viruses. It’s always recommended that you should be up and updated with your security tools like antivirus, anti-spyware and firewalls so that there is no security infringes. If the problem persists, you can look out for an effective virus removal from the finest Computer Support providing companies.

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Computer Virus may kill you

Computer Virus may kill you

This Christmas eve, when the whole world was high with enchanting carols and “Merry Christmas” greetings, a heart-rending episode took place in Russia. An eight year old boy was found hanging in his room, and that’s all because of a computer virus. “Strange indeed, but how is this possible?” perhaps this must be the first reaction of most of us but this is not a spiced up news or a fabricated rumour. It may take some time to gulp this fact down the throat but in reality it shows how virtual world can defeat online privacy to invade our individualities. The chronology of events on that very day suggest that the boy while surfing through his laptop had encountered a virus manoeuvred Window stating the Criminal Code of Russian Federation on “Manufacturing and marketing materials or objects with pornographic images of minors”. Further, it reads on that the banner can be removed with ease if an SMS is send to the given number. Fearing a bash from his parents, the innocent kid decided to do away with his own life.

Online Security: A waning essentiality  

The tragic death of the boy implicates that if the noose is not tightened on cyber hooligans, the things can get out-of-proportion bringing in more disastrous and unanticipated consequences. Cyber looters in their looting spree can go to any extent and this is clearly inferred from the fact that every year thousands of new versions of viruses and malware are being released, thus challenging the already threatened online security. The new kid on the bloc is ransom-ware, a yet another wicked mechanism, which in some cases engages panic and indignity as its main tools to victimize innocent PC users.

In recent times, Trojan was detected in the wild display phony messages from law enforcement agencies in Europe which asked the users to pay fictitious fines within 24 hours. On non-payment, it threatened erase their data from their hard drives. There are many such other thugs who can surpass your network security to take control of your systems and sometimes you.

Making unachievable, achievable

There is a lot much said about computer security and online security related issues but dealing with them has become a tough nut to crack. Seeking a professional help is not only advised but looking at the southward march of the internet, one day it will be made mandatory.  A reliable computer support is what all it needs to protect your PC from ever-evolving virus and malware related threats. Otherwise, similar such incidents will soon come to be the order of the day.

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Computer virusDuqu’s Origin:
In October, a new, highly-sophisticated virus, named “Duqu” began to appear in the cyber world. Discovered by the Symantec Corporation, this mysterious computer virus had a code similar to the Stuxnet virus; held responsible for wreaking havoc on Iran’s nuclear program.

With various government and private agencies worldwide sprinting forward to unlock the secret of the virus; suggested the virus was a brainchild of sophisticated hackers looking forth to mount attacks on critical infrastructure such as power plants, oil refineries and pipelines.

Feats of Duqu:
The Duqu virus targets victims via an email with a Microsoft Word attachment. According to a Symantec researcher, the virus found in the email but not the attachment ends up taking control of the computer. If unchecked, it can proliferate in the network and seriously end up threatening the privacy of a computer system.

Quite similar to Stuxnet virus, Duqu instead of destroying systems infects them through penetration, resulting in creation of “back door” vulnerabilities. And if that’s not enough, the Duqu attacker also has the ability to “install programs; view, change, or delete data; or create new accounts with full user rights.

After-effects of the attack:
India bolts server linked to Duqu computer virus:
According to a recent report, Indian authorities initialized an investigation of a computer server in Mumbai for links to the Duqu malicious software, which some security experts warned could be the next big cyber menace.

Web Werks, a Mumbai-based Web-hosting company, ended up giving an image of the suspicious virtual private server to officials from the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In). A step taken after the security firm Symantec Corporation latched on to a server communicating with computers infected with the Duqu virus.

As informed by an employee of Web Werks, officials from India’s Information Technology Department seized two hard drives and various other parts of the server from their company.

Answering the attack:
Microsoft has reacted to reports of the Duqu Trojan virus, admitting that it even though it doesn’t have a patch yet, but it is working around to mitigate its affect on Windows. To this effect, Microsoft has issued a temporary fix for the malignant Duqu virus — also known as “Son of Stuxnet” — which could affect users of Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 as well as Windows Server 2008. Further, the company added it is also working on a “high-quality security updates to address the culprit ‘Duqu’ ”.

The IT experts encourage customers to either apply the workaround or ensure updated signatures from their anti-malware vendor based on the information provided by the Microsoft. With the best and unparalleled anti-malware solution, various premier organizations like PCCare247 provide the best online technical support and protection of the computer systems from such malicious viruses.