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Ever since computers have witnessed the light of day, technology has been very much involved in shaping the varied aspects of the progressive human society. With this infiltration, although life has seen some of the most welcoming transformations, but another grimmer trend has also surfaced and that is of a shooting graph of technical issues. Designated as a wonder machine, computers may play a mess when they get plagued by a myriad of technical issues. And as the case always, when this happens, your work encounters a sudden setback and you are on crossroads, desperately looking out to grab a piece of advice or assistance for your ailing companion.

Onsite v/s Online Computer Support

Gone the days of onsite support, when it’s all about either taking your computer for work-shopping or to invite strangers at your home to get poured by advice, advice and some more advice!!! With changing times, getting computer help is no more a harassing affair. It’s now all about a phone call and that’s fairly enough to banish the lines of worry from your grim face.

Online computer support has firmly gained an all-time favorite reputation among millions of hapless PC users across the globe, which have been struggling to get over with now and then blues of their machine. It’s more than a piece of advice as certified technicians can now remotely gain access of your system (off course with your permission) to detect and nail down the root cause of your PC’s infirmity.  And, at the same time you can grab a cup of coffee to relax and see your computer being worked upon in front of your eyes!

As easy as snapping fingers, a reliable tech support from a genuine technical support provider can give you a breather from issues derailing the work performance of your laptops, desktops, printers, peripherals, browsers, emails and many more. Above all, it’s no more taking fuzz out of your head when your system gets crippled with a virus attack, as online tech support gives you a sure shot instant respite from virus and other malware related problems.

Whom to trust

While Googling through net, you may encounter several online tech support providers, which go on boasting of their achievements.  It’s really puzzling to put your cursor on one of these as everyone can be seen making skyrocketing claims. But PCCare247 is all together different, its approach is not to waste efforts in making unfeasible claims but to go and grab the customers’ gratification. Kick-starting a new era in the domain of computer tech support, PCCare247 has focused sternly on carving out a special niche in the heart of its customers. Whether it’s about virus removal, spyware removal, malware removal or it’s about antivirus support, desktop support, laptop support, printer support, browser support or about many more services, PCCare247 has come to lie as an undeniable leader in doling out quality services to its customers.

Online Privacy Netowrk Security

Online Privacy Secrets

With growing consumer reliance on internet for shopping, banking and other personal communications, web companies’ interest in tracking consumer actions have amplified too. Innocent people accessing internet to avail easy services, end up exposing themselves to cyber thugs. The menacing activities carried out by such mischievous elements in the virtual world have raised concerns on the privacy of users across the globe.

Government interventions

To ease the distress of users, various laws have been passed by governments of different countries protecting the privacy of users globally. USA Patriot Act enacted on October 26, 2001 by United States and the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations legislated by European countries are examples of such interventions.

Various other private organizations like Google came out with a solution to detect malware on sites indexed by it, using automated scanners.

Despite all such measures, privacy of users is still being threatened by newer tricks used by cyber swindlers.

Vigilant Steps

With growing instances of illegal invasion into user’s computer, some measures may be taken to develop a defense mechanism against such threats.

Check all security settings. The privacy, security and advanced preferences on the browser must be checked to see what information is stored automatically.

Use a firewall. Firewall resists unauthorized programs to access computers. Hence, a firewall is a mandatory requirement. Most anti-virus software these days consists of an in-built firewall.

Don’t accept free cookies. Allowing cookies to be stored in the computer, permits sites to store browsing history or preferences. Although not all cookies are bad, but a prior warning of cookie being installed helps in controlling malicious activities.

Clear cache: The browser caches, cookies, history and active logins must be cleared frequently.

Install a link scanner: Link scanner is a free software examining hyperlinks and search engines, making sure the links are safe before clicking on them.

Don’t use public computers. Using cyber café to access Facebook, Twitter, Gmail or Yahoo mail may cause your personal information to be stored on the system enabling dishonest users using the same computer to retrieve them illegally.

Smart Passwords: Personal information like phone numbers, names or birth dates should not be used in passwords. A combination of words, symbols and numbers must be used.

Never make computer remember passwords: Never check on “Remember me” or “Yes, This is the computer I use often”. Don’t rely on computers to remember passwords.

Create a separate email account for important transactions: Don’t compromise key email account with undesirable spam. Create a separate email account for use in online transactions.

Use false information where possible. Don’t reveal personal information like birth date, father’s or spouse’s name, pet’s name, etc. on Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Fudging facts is advised. While sharing personal information, consider changing privacy settings of your account, making it visible only to reliable friends.

Watch out for tricky check boxes.  Keep an eye on the check boxes while shopping online. Any checked box may deceive you into agreeing to its tricky terms and conditions or sneak into your email accounts. Read the Terms and Conditions of service agreements before proceeding.

Discourage auto-fill option: Never use the Auto-fill option in the browsers that recognizes familiar fields and automatically fills personal information stored by user in the forms.

Don’t reveal your email: Do not disclose your email to stores while paying for purchases. This is a common method of sending promotional material to you. 

Apart from practicing these routines, users must ensure complete security by obtaining professional help from premier organizations with unfailing computer support services. PCCare247, which is recognized as an elite online tech support provider, offer computer help in various realms like Virus removal, Malware removal, Spyware removal, Firewall Support, Browser Support, Anti-virus Support, Network Security and many more related services.

Computer Virus may kill you

Computer Virus may kill you

This Christmas eve, when the whole world was high with enchanting carols and “Merry Christmas” greetings, a heart-rending episode took place in Russia. An eight year old boy was found hanging in his room, and that’s all because of a computer virus. “Strange indeed, but how is this possible?” perhaps this must be the first reaction of most of us but this is not a spiced up news or a fabricated rumour. It may take some time to gulp this fact down the throat but in reality it shows how virtual world can defeat online privacy to invade our individualities. The chronology of events on that very day suggest that the boy while surfing through his laptop had encountered a virus manoeuvred Window stating the Criminal Code of Russian Federation on “Manufacturing and marketing materials or objects with pornographic images of minors”. Further, it reads on that the banner can be removed with ease if an SMS is send to the given number. Fearing a bash from his parents, the innocent kid decided to do away with his own life.

Online Security: A waning essentiality  

The tragic death of the boy implicates that if the noose is not tightened on cyber hooligans, the things can get out-of-proportion bringing in more disastrous and unanticipated consequences. Cyber looters in their looting spree can go to any extent and this is clearly inferred from the fact that every year thousands of new versions of viruses and malware are being released, thus challenging the already threatened online security. The new kid on the bloc is ransom-ware, a yet another wicked mechanism, which in some cases engages panic and indignity as its main tools to victimize innocent PC users.

In recent times, Trojan was detected in the wild display phony messages from law enforcement agencies in Europe which asked the users to pay fictitious fines within 24 hours. On non-payment, it threatened erase their data from their hard drives. There are many such other thugs who can surpass your network security to take control of your systems and sometimes you.

Making unachievable, achievable

There is a lot much said about computer security and online security related issues but dealing with them has become a tough nut to crack. Seeking a professional help is not only advised but looking at the southward march of the internet, one day it will be made mandatory.  A reliable computer support is what all it needs to protect your PC from ever-evolving virus and malware related threats. Otherwise, similar such incidents will soon come to be the order of the day.

PCCare247, a reliable pal of yours in troubled times, provides you with best of customized tech support services such as virus removal, malware removal, spyware removal and many more, for easing all your online security concerns.

Computer Support Holiday Season

Online Tech Support - A gift for your Computer

Jingling Bells and glitzy Xmas trees, hurray!!! it’s Christmas time yet again. A time of bliss and merriment, gifts and lots and lots of gifts! A time when you let loose all your fancies but wait a minute are you not forgetting something? Yes, indeed! What about your most beloved possession, your computer? Doesn’t it deserve a gift too?  A gift that can be cherished, forever!

Gifting options- What to choose from?

Your computer defines your world and that’s why it needs a date with special extravagance. An accolade protecting it from ever-emanating technical glitches and multiple mongering threats in the form of viruses and malware! What can be more dearly gift for your PC than an Online Computer Support package?

A fast catching up trend, Online computer support is adding up a new facet to the PC experience. Now no more toils to a nearby workshop as you can sit back at home, enjoy your holiday mood and get your computer issues resolved at the same time.  All what you have to do is to catch hold of a number of any online computer support service provider and then bid farewell to all those technical hitches ranging from printer errors, window crashes, virus attack to browser issues and PC optimization.

Get season’s greetings for your PC from PCCare247

So many computer support providers but whom to choose? Are you still struck with this dilemma then we have got good news for you. PCCare247, a reliable yet affordable computer support provider, has toppled all charts to come to be a reputed name in rolling out superior computer tech services. PCCare247 provides a variety of services ranging from Windows support, Microsoft product support, Desktop/Laptop support, Printer support, Virus and Malware removal, E-Mail support,  Browser support, to Network and Peripheral support, and many more services, and that too 24×7! Therefore, call PCCare247 now and have a merrier Xmas.

MalwareWith swelling dependency on internet for information access and transfer, an upswing in illegal activities has been observed. Cybercriminals are persistently attempting to enter into computer by installing malwares, jeopardizing users’ privacy. An impromptu surge in the Malware landscape is openly violating cyber security norms; giving wakeful nights to techheads who now have to combat more intricate challenge.

A Malicious Affair

What all it takes to be a malware? In time-honored tech lingo malwares are malicious codes and software installed into a user’s computer to access critical information, leaving it defenseless to attacks from cybercriminals. These are predominately used as vehicles for organized crime, unceasingly causing menace in the cyber world.

With cumulating demands and supply of information and services over internet; and escalating threats from cybercriminals, holistic requisite protection mechanism needs to be implemented at user’s end. At this point, anti-malware technology steps in.

Defending Practices

The part and parcel of the anti-malware technology is the anti-malware engine, a software that is mainly accountable for scanning, detection and removal of malicious codes from your PC. With amplification in use of smarter technology for creating malware, the challenge to counteract these smarter miscreants has amplified manifold. Along with general incompetence of traditional anti-malware products, newly produced malwares have necessitated a user to secure his system by procuring robust anti-malware products.

Among a number of Anti-Malware products available, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, Norman Malware Cleaner 2.1, Emsisoft Anti-malware 5.0, Anti-Executable 4.0, Returnil Virtual System 2010 Home Classic, Avast, and Super-Antispyware are examples of some avant-garde products that offer complete protection against malware threats. To ensure comprehensive protection, an updated version of these products must be used, as the older versions tend to miss newly produced malwares. But without professional computer help, computer’s security continues to be in question.

To give a complete fortification to computer systems from lingering threats, a quick assistance from preeminent organizations is always recommended for an unsurpassed technical support. PCCare247 proves out to be the best technical support organization offering solution to all computer related problems.

PCCare247 provides complete protection against all such malwares, ensuring timely detection and removal of malwares from computer systems. PCCare247 is a premier organization offering computer help in various realms like Virus removal, Malware removal, Spyware removal, Anti-virus Support, Firewall Support, Browser Support, Network Security and many more related services.