Japan developing Virus for Cyber Security

Virus to "Seek and Destroy" another Virus

Computer viruses have made structured inroads into the cyber space defying every attempt so far to keep them in check. Each passing day, this crusade is getting stretched and engulfing newer domains in it. Ever mongering computer virus threat has forced tech-heads to go off the beaten path for seeking newer formulations to strangulate the virus menace, once and for all. But as the case always, it’s easier to communicate things than to practice them.  But things are about to change soon.

Japan sprouting Virus removal methods

A promising news has just arrived from Japan, where research is on to defeat the virus trouble by abiding on the counteraction approach. Apart from Tsunami, year 2011 has also been the year when Japan witnessed one of its worst nightmares coming alive in terms of cyber security.

It all started in October, 2011 when Japan’s Parliament computer system came under cyber attack followed by jamming of a computer system run by about 200 Japanese local governments. Consulates and embassies of Japan in about nine countries reported that their systems have caught virus infection.

Tasting a defeat from the hands of computer virus, now the Government of Japan has banked upon a new technique where a virus with “seek and destroy” capabilities will be brought into play for diluting the virus problem in an effective manner. The plan is to use virus against virus. This virus v/s virus fixture will go on till the good virus detects and beats the bad one and then banish it forever.

Give thumbs down to Virus menace

Alike the case with Japan, viruses can also bring in nightmarish experience for you. Before any new technology is borne to counteract them, it’s always advisable to go out for handy solutions so that you don’t have to fall a victim at hands of viruses. It’s always recommended that you should be up and updated with your security tools like antivirus, anti-spyware and firewalls so that there is no security infringes. If the problem persists, you can look out for an effective virus removal from the finest Computer Support providing companies.

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