MalwareWith swelling dependency on internet for information access and transfer, an upswing in illegal activities has been observed. Cybercriminals are persistently attempting to enter into computer by installing malwares, jeopardizing users’ privacy. An impromptu surge in the Malware landscape is openly violating cyber security norms; giving wakeful nights to techheads who now have to combat more intricate challenge.

A Malicious Affair

What all it takes to be a malware? In time-honored tech lingo malwares are malicious codes and software installed into a user’s computer to access critical information, leaving it defenseless to attacks from cybercriminals. These are predominately used as vehicles for organized crime, unceasingly causing menace in the cyber world.

With cumulating demands and supply of information and services over internet; and escalating threats from cybercriminals, holistic requisite protection mechanism needs to be implemented at user’s end. At this point, anti-malware technology steps in.

Defending Practices

The part and parcel of the anti-malware technology is the anti-malware engine, a software that is mainly accountable for scanning, detection and removal of malicious codes from your PC. With amplification in use of smarter technology for creating malware, the challenge to counteract these smarter miscreants has amplified manifold. Along with general incompetence of traditional anti-malware products, newly produced malwares have necessitated a user to secure his system by procuring robust anti-malware products.

Among a number of Anti-Malware products available, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, Norman Malware Cleaner 2.1, Emsisoft Anti-malware 5.0, Anti-Executable 4.0, Returnil Virtual System 2010 Home Classic, Avast, and Super-Antispyware are examples of some avant-garde products that offer complete protection against malware threats. To ensure comprehensive protection, an updated version of these products must be used, as the older versions tend to miss newly produced malwares. But without professional computer help, computer’s security continues to be in question.

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