Google Magnifies Malware Scanning ToolMalware deeds

Malware as a malicious software comprises of Viruses, Worms and Trojan Horses sneaking into a computer system from websites, emails and networks exploiting existing vulnerabilities. Such unscrupulous elements are not shy of going all out towards stealing a user’s confidential information and other vital details.

A number of anti-malware tools have been developed in past to deal with such nuisances. But this time, Google comes out with a noble solution to alleviate the misery of techno users.

Malware protection – The Google Way

Google has come out with a solution to detect malware on sites indexed by it, using automated scanners. A tool marking websites implanted with malware as infected, in online search results. An ideal successor to a tool developed by Google way back in 2009 aimed at cautioning Network Administrators against malicious activities taking place on a website and enabling them spruce up their overall defense system.

In the overall scheme of things, Google also announced its strategy of expanding the program Safe Browsing Alerts for Network Administrators, aimed at sensitizing Website Administrators against mayhem unleashed by malicious domains. Administrators who in case were to opt for acquiring such a service would be notified of phishing URLs or malwares on their websites, in order to thwart such infections from propagating.

Although, for a webmaster it might be frustrating to discover his site is being flagged as infected due to hacking activities done without prior knowledge, Google via such a step intends to protect users across the globe against an onslaught brought on by malware.