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Printer SupportThe last decade has remained an eyewitness for a wonderful transformation. Gradually carving out a cosy niche within our home ambits, printers have now ceased to be typified as the top-notch office accessory. There is one more across-the-board and welcoming change as now your printing pal, apart from its routine printing affair, has transcended itself into a photocopier, a scanner and last but not the least, a fax machine.  But technology on a whole is a risky affair and printers too haven’t escaped from it. As the case most of times, printers always refuse to dislodge when they are in great need.


Oooops!!! My printer gone crazy again

Atleast once for sure, every one of us must have got stuck with the tantrums of printer. And off course, it’s always really frustrating as the climax of all jobs is to get the things onto paper. Rampant printer problems have their derivation from hardware issues, driver problems, software clashes, and networking concerns. So, there is spooling, caused by printer driver compatibility and also due to usage of different printer types on same network to printer queue problems caused by offline printers and paper jams. Printing quality also remains a frequently met grouse among the printer patrons.


Resolve printer problems with premium support

Are you getting involved in regular whining about your printer problems? Then it’s the consultation time as only a professionally derived piece of advice can alleviate your printer from everyday complications.  Printer support can effectively address most of the common technical snags, which put on show no-go signal to your printer and moreover you can avail these services anytime, anywhere according to your convenience.

When it comes to printer support, who better than PCCare247 knows what works best for your printer and what not. PCCare247, a house of quality tech support services, facilitates the PC users in getting rid from annoying hassles of their printers. Along with fixing up common printer problems, PCCare247 has ability of dealing with the unanticipated risks which can deface the printing experience recurrently.

Computer Virus may kill you

Computer Virus may kill you

This Christmas eve, when the whole world was high with enchanting carols and “Merry Christmas” greetings, a heart-rending episode took place in Russia. An eight year old boy was found hanging in his room, and that’s all because of a computer virus. “Strange indeed, but how is this possible?” perhaps this must be the first reaction of most of us but this is not a spiced up news or a fabricated rumour. It may take some time to gulp this fact down the throat but in reality it shows how virtual world can defeat online privacy to invade our individualities. The chronology of events on that very day suggest that the boy while surfing through his laptop had encountered a virus manoeuvred Window stating the Criminal Code of Russian Federation on “Manufacturing and marketing materials or objects with pornographic images of minors”. Further, it reads on that the banner can be removed with ease if an SMS is send to the given number. Fearing a bash from his parents, the innocent kid decided to do away with his own life.

Online Security: A waning essentiality  

The tragic death of the boy implicates that if the noose is not tightened on cyber hooligans, the things can get out-of-proportion bringing in more disastrous and unanticipated consequences. Cyber looters in their looting spree can go to any extent and this is clearly inferred from the fact that every year thousands of new versions of viruses and malware are being released, thus challenging the already threatened online security. The new kid on the bloc is ransom-ware, a yet another wicked mechanism, which in some cases engages panic and indignity as its main tools to victimize innocent PC users.

In recent times, Trojan was detected in the wild display phony messages from law enforcement agencies in Europe which asked the users to pay fictitious fines within 24 hours. On non-payment, it threatened erase their data from their hard drives. There are many such other thugs who can surpass your network security to take control of your systems and sometimes you.

Making unachievable, achievable

There is a lot much said about computer security and online security related issues but dealing with them has become a tough nut to crack. Seeking a professional help is not only advised but looking at the southward march of the internet, one day it will be made mandatory.  A reliable computer support is what all it needs to protect your PC from ever-evolving virus and malware related threats. Otherwise, similar such incidents will soon come to be the order of the day.

PCCare247, a reliable pal of yours in troubled times, provides you with best of customized tech support services such as virus removal, malware removal, spyware removal and many more, for easing all your online security concerns.

PCCare247 complaints section enables disgruntled clients express dissatisfaction with service offerings of the company

December 26, 2011: has yet again managed to silence its critics. The premier online tech support organization has come up with one-of-its-kind consumer complaints section where clients are at a liberty to voice their concern. Given an ideal opportunity to register any grievances they might have faced while dealing with the premier tech support organization. Taking into account even the most serious of charges such as Online Scams or an Internet Fraud they might have been subject to while dealing with professionals from the company.

 PCCare247 Complaints Forum

With the new section considered to be quite distinct from other run-of-the-mill sites and Internet Scams Forum, clients are encouraged big time to give PCCare247 honest reviews about services being availed. A move being hailed by online experts as a popular one, as it really ends up working a long way towards discouraging dissatisfied clients from registering PCCare247 on Ripoff Reports. Moreover, at the same instance presenting with an exclusive opportunity to streamline any flaws present in its services portfolio.

News which is indeed meant to give clients and small businesses of the company dotted across United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia a whole lot of reasons to cheer about. Since, at the end of the PCCare247 consumer complaints forum is being seen as a step not only designed to eliminate computer-related stress but at the same instance keep millions of digitally dependent consumers and small businesses protected.

So, not really coming as a surprise as to why major resellers and technology companies are indeed turning to for improving customer satisfaction, reducing return rates and delivering a compelling new-value added offering to clients.

For more information and knowing how PCCare247 and it brand of services can end up making a difference in your life please log onto

About PCCare247 is recognized as an elite online tech support provider. And in this regards PCCare247 complaints forum not only highlights the company’s resolve to solve any service related issues but also enabling clients to air any grievances about services provided.

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Tips for Good Computing Practices at office

Office Computers need assistance too

With each sphere of life getting revitalised with digital revolution, office premises are the first one to get a scent of this change. Now it’s practically impossible to think of an office setting without a computer. With computers sneaking into our work domains, technical hitches are also becoming rampant, giving a serious setback to the work performance. Therefore, it’s the need of the hour to get acquainted with how to give back those rosy hues of youth to your computer.

The haunting threats

Computers today have become bread and butter of the office culture and there is no ambiguity on this. Offices heavily rely on internet, emails and online software to achieve the desired goals but this has put their integrity on stake, at much greater level than ever before due to constant loitering danger of viruses, malware, spyware and other such malicious strategies used by cyber goons to outline their dodgy intentions. When the mongering risk of data getting confiscated became evident, many business establishments started putting stress on use of sturdy defence mechanisms. But cyber beasts are becoming smarter day-by-day and evolving their knives to cut through internal security so as to siphon out business and in-house credentials. At this point, it’s highly imperative that a second thought should be given to the security issues.

Answering the fears

Really looking for an effective solution to avert cyber menace from peeping into your office computer? Just a few steps to follow and that’s sufficient to fortify your computer at office. Here are some of these:

  • Always go for effective and reliable firewall and antivirus.
  • Never try to open unsolicited email attachments as they may direct you to compromised websites.
  • Run virus and malware scans from time-to-time.
  • Keep updated on your antivirus version to prevent newly evolved viruses from tiptoeing into your system.
  • Last but not the least; get Computer support for your office computer too to secure it from all prospective threats.

An effectual Computer Support is sufficient to breathe in a new lease of life to your ailing PC at office. There are many organizations which dispense a whole spectrum of computer support services but PCCare247 has become an unsurpassed force in this domain. With PCCare247 you can now avail best of services such as malware removal, spyware removal, virus removal and support for your antivirus, browsers, emails, printers, and other peripherals.

Social Networking

Online Social Invasion

Social Networking is emerging as a powerful medium announcing arrival of an era of association. It is not merely changing the nature of social and political influences, but is also renovating work and business strategies.  Apart from being a change agent, it has empowered its users like never before.

With benefits of enabling people to find friends and keep in touch, it has some obscured hurdles in the backdrop spawning an inescapable network of menacing deeds and threats.

A Social Affair

Social networking that provides a common platform to keep in touch with the world, has amplified in the last few years. With pedestals like Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, Flickr, etc. in the social arena, users across the globe are interacting with each other, defying the time and distance barriers. Enormous amount of information is passed through such platforms edifying and revolutionizing attitude and beliefs of millions of people.

Apart from social connections, social media has emerged as a potent assistance to corporate convention. It is being used widely for various business purposes like recruitment, marketing, promotion of goods and services, etc.

But with ever increasing dependency over Social Media, a pool of uninvited plights has been created making users worldwide to review their social habits. As a result of their aggressive socialization manners, users end up sanctioning unauthorized access to hackers, virus infection, data theft, loss of privacy and pilfering of financial information. Recently, a Facebook virus was found invading socializer’s space in the social networking world.

An Antidote

A drive for social acceptance and a sense of cyber entitlement has made the youth to violate security policies, exposing themselves to cyber thugs. Keeping at stake their privacy and vital information, they enter into the trap of the techno-criminals.

But with every disease, there is an antidote. Users worldwide are advised to follow precautionary measures while socializing online:

– Never reveal username or passwords to anyone.

– Do not accept friend requests from strangers.

– Do not click on suspicious links.

– Do not download unfamiliar apps and games to your system.

– Do not click on advertisements promising free products and discounts blinking on the screen, as they may download malicious files to the computers.

– Teenagers must be discouraged to use such Social networking websites especially in the absence of an adult supervision.

Apart from imparting broader education, well-defined guidelines, application and answerability among the youth, rampant threats pestering a user necessitate them to obtain professional help.

With arrival of Christmas and holiday season, share your photos and videos without the fear of netting hackers with reliable computer support companies like PCCare247.

PCCare247 is a premier online tech support company offering solutions to hapless PC users 24×7. The expansive range of tech support solutions offered by the company acts as a lifeline for many PC users in desperate times.

Windows 8 - Touching Future

Windows 8 - Touching the Future

Your digital personality is reliant on the usernames, passwords and Personal Identification Number or PINs. But it’s the decade of hackers and no wonder your digital identity is at a greater stake than ever before. Password cracking has evolved to be a part and parcel of the hacking anatomy therefore securing cyber identity has came to be a herculean challenge to accomplish.

Keeping an ardent focus on this critical issue, Microsoft has come up with its all new version of Operating system – Windows 8 assuring strict congruency with the same.  Encumbered with superlative security features, Microsoft through its Windows 8 has clinched that no stone remains unturned when the question is of your cyber identity.

Passwords – A Perilous Business

As the need for strapping and consistent information security system is being increasingly felt, password management is proving to be a prime impasse.  As hacker industry is gaining momentum, they are coming up with novelistic artifice to disband your security channels.

Passwords are falling an easy prey to hacker’s assault as they are easier to crack now than ever before through methods like phishing, keylogging and guessing. Phishing attacks are stealing consumer identities and creating major encumbers on e-businesses. Keylogging is tracing what all is being typed on your keyboard. With most of us having multiple online accounts this news is like a worst nightmare coming true.

Windows 8 – Freighted with antimalware features

Brimmed with smart features such as Windows Defender, Smart Screen and Secure Boot, Windows 8 has tried to come up with foolproof password protection mantra that will ensure your multiple account passwords doesn’t fall as a booty for cyber goons.

Secure Boot or UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) feature, managed through an assortment of chipset, hardware, OS vendors, and firmware, ensures that only signed and trusted code and boot leaders can execute the boot path thus nullifying the danger of malware sneaking into the system like in other operating systems.

Another intelligent feature is Windows Defender loaded with Microsoft antimalware engine defending your PC from all kinds of viruses and malware.

Windows 8 comes with all-new Smartscreen filter which make use of URL reputation technique to block all the illegitimate and malicious thugs from permeating into your system through internet.

That’s not all as new Windows 8 comes with add-ons to the features that were incorporated in previous Windows versions. These features are extended ASLR protection, improved Windows kernel, added guard pages for Windows heap allocation and “Use-after-free” vulnerabilities resistant IE. So, catch on the new Windows 8 and get a cosy protective wrap for your passwords.

Computer Support Holiday Season

Online Tech Support - A gift for your Computer

Jingling Bells and glitzy Xmas trees, hurray!!! it’s Christmas time yet again. A time of bliss and merriment, gifts and lots and lots of gifts! A time when you let loose all your fancies but wait a minute are you not forgetting something? Yes, indeed! What about your most beloved possession, your computer? Doesn’t it deserve a gift too?  A gift that can be cherished, forever!

Gifting options- What to choose from?

Your computer defines your world and that’s why it needs a date with special extravagance. An accolade protecting it from ever-emanating technical glitches and multiple mongering threats in the form of viruses and malware! What can be more dearly gift for your PC than an Online Computer Support package?

A fast catching up trend, Online computer support is adding up a new facet to the PC experience. Now no more toils to a nearby workshop as you can sit back at home, enjoy your holiday mood and get your computer issues resolved at the same time.  All what you have to do is to catch hold of a number of any online computer support service provider and then bid farewell to all those technical hitches ranging from printer errors, window crashes, virus attack to browser issues and PC optimization.

Get season’s greetings for your PC from PCCare247

So many computer support providers but whom to choose? Are you still struck with this dilemma then we have got good news for you. PCCare247, a reliable yet affordable computer support provider, has toppled all charts to come to be a reputed name in rolling out superior computer tech services. PCCare247 provides a variety of services ranging from Windows support, Microsoft product support, Desktop/Laptop support, Printer support, Virus and Malware removal, E-Mail support,  Browser support, to Network and Peripheral support, and many more services, and that too 24×7! Therefore, call PCCare247 now and have a merrier Xmas.

MalwareWith swelling dependency on internet for information access and transfer, an upswing in illegal activities has been observed. Cybercriminals are persistently attempting to enter into computer by installing malwares, jeopardizing users’ privacy. An impromptu surge in the Malware landscape is openly violating cyber security norms; giving wakeful nights to techheads who now have to combat more intricate challenge.

A Malicious Affair

What all it takes to be a malware? In time-honored tech lingo malwares are malicious codes and software installed into a user’s computer to access critical information, leaving it defenseless to attacks from cybercriminals. These are predominately used as vehicles for organized crime, unceasingly causing menace in the cyber world.

With cumulating demands and supply of information and services over internet; and escalating threats from cybercriminals, holistic requisite protection mechanism needs to be implemented at user’s end. At this point, anti-malware technology steps in.

Defending Practices

The part and parcel of the anti-malware technology is the anti-malware engine, a software that is mainly accountable for scanning, detection and removal of malicious codes from your PC. With amplification in use of smarter technology for creating malware, the challenge to counteract these smarter miscreants has amplified manifold. Along with general incompetence of traditional anti-malware products, newly produced malwares have necessitated a user to secure his system by procuring robust anti-malware products.

Among a number of Anti-Malware products available, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, Norman Malware Cleaner 2.1, Emsisoft Anti-malware 5.0, Anti-Executable 4.0, Returnil Virtual System 2010 Home Classic, Avast, and Super-Antispyware are examples of some avant-garde products that offer complete protection against malware threats. To ensure comprehensive protection, an updated version of these products must be used, as the older versions tend to miss newly produced malwares. But without professional computer help, computer’s security continues to be in question.

To give a complete fortification to computer systems from lingering threats, a quick assistance from preeminent organizations is always recommended for an unsurpassed technical support. PCCare247 proves out to be the best technical support organization offering solution to all computer related problems.

PCCare247 provides complete protection against all such malwares, ensuring timely detection and removal of malwares from computer systems. PCCare247 is a premier organization offering computer help in various realms like Virus removal, Malware removal, Spyware removal, Anti-virus Support, Firewall Support, Browser Support, Network Security and many more related services.

PCCare247 manages to surprise its critics once again!! The premier online tech support provider has recently broken into the coveted league of top 10 tech support providers for 2012. For long considered to be the exclusive domain of its competitors, the entity has once shown what high-end online tech support is all about.

PCCare247 in Top 10

Kudos galore to techies and customer support professionals

No matter how much lavish praise is showered on the brilliant techies and proficient customer support professionals of the company, one would always end up coming short. Technically blessed and professional to the core, it is solely because of such professionals, PCCare247 ends finding itself in such a sweet spot.

PCCare247 reviews give critics something to munch upon

Judged by a premier portal ‘’, the entity even though being compared to some of the most well-renowned online tech support providers has managed to hold forte. In reality not considered to be an easy prospect, since organizations clamoring for an inclusion on the site need to come good on a range of very hard to qualify matrices.

But with PCCare247 considered to be a tough cookie to the core, qualification of the company under categories like pricing plans, services portfolio, support options and contract types was never really was an improbable task. So, standing tall to some of the most stringent requirements, the premier tech support provider not only came out strongly but indeed showed it has the mettle to be considered amongst top ten online tech support providers for the year 2012.

Giving clients reasons to smile in the coming year

Come 2012 and PCCare247 promises to take online tech support to a new level altogether. The organization with its elite brand of techies will strive all out to ensure clients would end up receiving the highest grade support for their PCs, printers, scanners, digital cameras and MP3 players. But that’s not all in the era to come the organization also intends to come out with an exclusive complaints section, a one of its kind page where clients would be at liberty to register their grievances. In fact, presenting PCCare247 an ideal opportunity to not only go on and refine its services portfolio but at if possible at the same time expand its portfolio.

All in all, to just say it best, it seems 2012 is not only going to be an year where PCCare247 scales new heights but also an era where its esteemed clients would have a good number of reasons to cheer about when it comes down to services provided.

Summary: PCCare247 in the coming year i.e. 2012 is all ready to shine in a new ‘avatar’. Buoyed by its inclusion in the top ten reviews for the premier tech support providers in the year 2012, the organization is all ready to expand its portfolio of services and give clients a good number of reasons to cheer about.


Google Magnifies Malware Scanning ToolMalware deeds

Malware as a malicious software comprises of Viruses, Worms and Trojan Horses sneaking into a computer system from websites, emails and networks exploiting existing vulnerabilities. Such unscrupulous elements are not shy of going all out towards stealing a user’s confidential information and other vital details.

A number of anti-malware tools have been developed in past to deal with such nuisances. But this time, Google comes out with a noble solution to alleviate the misery of techno users.

Malware protection – The Google Way

Google has come out with a solution to detect malware on sites indexed by it, using automated scanners. A tool marking websites implanted with malware as infected, in online search results. An ideal successor to a tool developed by Google way back in 2009 aimed at cautioning Network Administrators against malicious activities taking place on a website and enabling them spruce up their overall defense system.

In the overall scheme of things, Google also announced its strategy of expanding the program Safe Browsing Alerts for Network Administrators, aimed at sensitizing Website Administrators against mayhem unleashed by malicious domains. Administrators who in case were to opt for acquiring such a service would be notified of phishing URLs or malwares on their websites, in order to thwart such infections from propagating.

Although, for a webmaster it might be frustrating to discover his site is being flagged as infected due to hacking activities done without prior knowledge, Google via such a step intends to protect users across the globe against an onslaught brought on by malware.