X-box live

Microsoft's X-Box Live Hacked

Microsoft’s Xbox Live online gaming service, believed to be a un-hack-able service, has been attacked by hackers resulting in millions of stolen money. As per thriving reports, Xbox live users complained of fraud charges done from their credit and debit cards to acquire extra Microsoft points. (Currency used within service to purchase extra games, add-ons and in-game items.) Further, this stolen money is believed to be utilized to buy downloadable content from EA Sports – expressly Ultimate Team Packs for its games FIFA 12, Madden and NBA.

Various Xbox Live users claim to be thieved with hundreds of pounds from their accounts by swindlers who deceived them into handing over passwords using forged emails.

Repelling hackers

To spot the counterfeits and dodge hackers of victimizing you, following steps may be taken:

Beware of Disguises: Hackers can easily skit the “From” field in emails. Hence, if a message says it comes from customerservice@xboxlive.com, does not mean it really does.

Suspicious Links: Phishing emails deceive users to click on insecure websites which furthermore steals user’s personal information. Hence, a user must not be misled to click on such links.

Check the URL: On clicking on links in emails, a careful assessment of URL in browser’s address bar must be done, as criminals generally obtain a web address similar to genuine Marks and Spencer website.

Check for encryption: Genuine e-commerce websites use encryption to protect sensitive data from being stolen. A website asking for data, without a padlock symbol in browser indicates an insecure website which may be a phishing attempt. Furthermore, address bar of latest browsers turns green for genuine websites asking for financial information.

Never download: Criminals can trick users into downloading malicious files into their systems, distributing viruses, stealing banking information.

Users must regularly examine their bank statements, used for payment of Xbox Live account subscriptions and subsequent purchases of Microsoft Points used to download EA Sports content. In case of abnormalities, changing of passwords and contacting Microsoft’s Xbox Live customer service would be a good strategy. Also, Microsoft provides the facility of erasing payment details of service by calling customer service desk.

With an option of purchasing Gold subscriptions and Microsoft Points from shops, customers can get cards bearing redeem codes to be entered into Xbox 360, without giving Microsoft credit card or bank details.

To save your PC from such cyber criminals and ensure complete PC security, help from best players in the field of technical support may be sought, helping you preserve your privacy.