Network Security

Secure your network

In this modern and technologically advanced era, individuals and business entities dream of reaching the pinnacle of techno-tree. And buoyed by this urge for easy and anytime access to information and resources, the use of a network is mandated. Furthermore, with the advent of internet, security threats have become a major concern across the cyber world.

What is a network?

A network is an assembly of hardware components and computers interlinked by communication networks allowing a user to share resources and information. It may be either public or private and may help businesses, government organizations and individuals to conduct transactions and connect on a daily basis. In short, a network is a group of two or more computer systems linked together which enables information sharing. There are a number of networks namely, Local Area Networks (LANs), Wide Area Networks (WANs), Campus-area networks (CANs), Metropolitan-area networks MANs and Home-area networks (HANs).

Network Security:

Network security is an action taken to detect as well as avert unauthorized usage of your computer. It consists of application of software as well as networking infrastructure for safeguarding computers from illicit use, breakdown, destruction or improper revelation. In fact, network security provides a protected environment within which users can perform important functions on a computer.

In pursuit of various financial, political or social motives, a number of cyber criminals perform malicious activities though the network, challenging your privacy. An effective network security policy aims at detecting risks and selecting the best tools to tackle them.

Secure your Network:

A prior knowledge of the attacking methods allows a user to take appropriate security measures against all threats. A network security means the security of the network as a whole covers computers as well as the communication channel. The network structure itself causes many security threats to arrive into a network.

The security of a network initiates with authenticating the user, usually with a username and a password. Encryption of files and firewalls are various security measures which can be implemented to protect the network from cyber criminals.

In order to obtain a secure system environment, network security is an indispensable step every business entity needs to take. Without a safe network, your computer and business might be at risk. There are a number of leading organizations in the market intending to provide solutions for issues concerning computer security.