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Microsoft releases a temporary fix for Duqu Virus

In the recent times, a new deadly virus named ‘Duqu’ was discovered by Symantec Corporation, believed to be an offspring of the Stuxnet virus – perhaps the most potent virus which not only managed to infiltrate the computer systems in Iran but also ended up impairing the nation’s nuclear research program. With codes of both the viruses closely resembling each other, the researchers from the Symantec Corporation ended up believing Duqu was a brain child of the same group behind Stuxnet or somehow the latter had managed to latch on to Stuxnet’s code.

Turn of events; giving rise to speculation Duqu was merely gathering intelligence as an antecedent to a future industrial-strength attack on infrastructure computers. Better still the sneaky Duqu had been primarily designed to leave the back door open for precisely 36 days, and then self-destruct.


De-Mystifying Duqu:

Due to the serious danger posed by the Duqu virus, Microsoft Corporation issued a temporary solution to counter the malicious virus hiding in Word files, for that matter even propagating the use of a “zero-day vulnerability” code to take control of PCs operating on Windows OS. The computer giant responded expeditiously to the warnings of security experts with respect to the Duqu virus infecting machines in the UK, France, Iraq and Iran.

Microsoft Fights Back

To stop Duqu in its tracks, Microsoft recommends Windows 7, Windows XP Service Pack 3 and Windows Vista Service Pack 2 users to install a temporary security fix. And somehow to make the overall installation experience easier for customers, Microsoft has come out with a one click installation of the fix that would make the overall deployment anything but easy.

If experts are to be believed, any attacker successfully exploiting the vulnerability could run arbitrary code in kernel mode, even going to the extent of installing programs; modify, or deleting data; or creating new accounts with complete user rights. A pointer goes on to highlight the fact that authors of the virus are brilliant and dreadfully business oriented, and have a good working knowledge of industrial command and control systems.

But then according to the facts put forth by Microsoft, the risk for the clients is low and any updated signatures taken from their anti-malware vendors based on the information provided is bound to keep them away from harms way.

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