Nitro Malware, malwareIn the recent times, Symantec came out with a white paper titled “The Nitro Attacks: Stealing Secrets from the Chemical Industry”. One of those endeavors wherein high-end research was carried out by the organization to highlight the threats of targeted attacks and their overall bearing on industrial establishments.

Delving deeper and demystifying the “Nitro” threat
The “nitro” attack is a mystifying combination of malware practices indicative of high-end ingenuity. Combining socially engineered email message with malicious attachment it has been considered as the main culprit for attacking industrial companies and stealing their confidential information. Stringent in its orientation and even though with the malware section of the attack considered to be a recycled version of the common remote access Trojan (RAT) Poison Ivy, it is often parceled in an encrypted archive to dodge an email gateway.
Further, Nitro also portrayed itself as a necessary Adobe Flash or anti-virus update, tricking hapless PC users into installing the malware. And yes but of course identical to numerous other targeted attacks, it as expected ends up striking the weakest link, the human race.
With the malware also possessing the ability to steal passwords from compromised Windows computers, PC users are advised against giving up their administrative rights and in the bargain end up risking their computer’s security. Although malwares cannot access the Windows cache of passwords, they are always craving for your keystrokes, logins, passwords, address book and credit card information. So, in short the best way to thwart Nitro would be to simply restrict permissions.

Origin of Nitro
The ‘Nitro’ Trojan’s directive was originally located on a virtual hosted server in the United States. Hard to detect, Nitro kept on growing, evolved and constantly gained strength with time. Turning into a mayhem which was not only difficult to detect but even harder to remove; testing the limits of even the most sophisticated of anti-malware applications and malicious programs.
And yes with grumpy relationships prevailing between IT security and their users, many prominent organizations ended up facing underutilization of the IT tools, allowing the malware to access important information from their networks and pose a serious threat to the IT security.
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