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Online ShoppingWith the impulse for instant & convenient services and advancement of technology, more and more people are drifting towards shopping online. Online shopping also known as E-Commerce is enticing millions of shoppers across the globe, assuring huge discounts and many other promotional sales offers. Offering the same, or even better, deals than going to store, it relieves the shopper of standing in long queues, wasting his precious time.

E-Commerce websites now-a-days offers shoppers with a variety of goods, that could be purchased conveniently, with goods delivered at one’s doorstep. Books, Cards, Electronic goods including music players, mobile phones, cameras, Television sets, etc. are among the products offered by such e-commerce websites.

A large number of people are becoming habitual to online shopping for all their purchases. But this habit of online shopping using credit cards and online bank accounts has made shoppers vulnerable to deceiving hackers. In an urge to save more and acquire easy services, one may fall prey to a swindle. Hence, before submitting such critical information over cyberspace, few precautions must be observed for a secure shopping experience.

Safety measures for Shopping Online

Firstly, computer must be protected with a trusted antivirus and anti-malware software. User must use a secure browser and look for URLs starting with “https://”, as they label a secure website.

A thoughtful selection of company should be done before making a purchase, with particular attention to shipping charges. One must look out for unbelievably low prices and keep record of purchases done by him.

A shopper may be persuaded to reveal his private credentials by phishing emails and scams which may steal his hard earned money in just a click. One must keep all his passwords and other vital information private.

Safe payment methods must be adopted to shop product over internet. Instead of using debit/credit combo cards, credit card on a secure site must be used, which empowers buyer to dispute charges on non-receipt of product. It also provides additional protections like complete replacement in case of damage or non-worthiness of product.

With Christmas round the corner, and long queues, full parking spaces and crowded stores, shoppers are hurling away with a click of mouse over internet. For a pleasant holiday shopping experience, user must secure his network from criminals stealing their vital information. With round-the-clock services and unparalleled computer support, many reliable organizations like PCCare247 provide users across the globe, complete freedom from such computer threats.

Advertisements, a one-stop platform for people seeking help with PCs and associated peripherals has taken it upon itself to offer cutting-edge tech support solutions. Catering to premier brands such as Sony, HP, Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba, Compaq and Asus, the entity goes deep down into covering issues affecting the above mentioned brands via its workforce of 500 plus techies.

While offering lucrative support packages, the brand of experts from the organization are always in a position to provide unique tech support services to clients on a 24×7 basis. With the initial list of on-demand services ranging from quick diagnostics, anti-virus solutions, PC tune-ups to helping them out with enhanced data backup as well as restoration of the latest software and drivers if and when the need be. Yet, at the same time going out of its way to make clients aware of any potential hardware and software issues known to play havoc with a PC.

Speaking further on the development, the CEO of PCare247 said, “Our organization PCCare247 has always strived to give a great deal of advice on a broad range of topics, affecting a PC and its other associated peripherals.” And yes, “With PCCare247’s network of experienced professionals, clients are at a liberty to get any help they want on a 24×7 basis.”

At the same time the provision of online tech support services is also an endorsement of the organization’s commitment towards providing a world-class customer experience, while also addressing common challenges consumer technology manufacturers have to face at the end of the day. For as it goes clients often end up reaching out to manufacturers with questions or issues having nothing to do with the technology purchased, as they simply don’t know where else to turn. Considered to be a scenario where ends up bridging the gap between the problem and a solution at all times.

About PCCare247: PCCare247 is a premier online tech support company offering solutions to hapless PC users 24×7. The expansive range of tech support solutions offered by the company acts as a lifeline for many PC users in desperate times.

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X-box live

Microsoft's X-Box Live Hacked

Microsoft’s Xbox Live online gaming service, believed to be a un-hack-able service, has been attacked by hackers resulting in millions of stolen money. As per thriving reports, Xbox live users complained of fraud charges done from their credit and debit cards to acquire extra Microsoft points. (Currency used within service to purchase extra games, add-ons and in-game items.) Further, this stolen money is believed to be utilized to buy downloadable content from EA Sports – expressly Ultimate Team Packs for its games FIFA 12, Madden and NBA.

Various Xbox Live users claim to be thieved with hundreds of pounds from their accounts by swindlers who deceived them into handing over passwords using forged emails.

Repelling hackers

To spot the counterfeits and dodge hackers of victimizing you, following steps may be taken:

Beware of Disguises: Hackers can easily skit the “From” field in emails. Hence, if a message says it comes from, does not mean it really does.

Suspicious Links: Phishing emails deceive users to click on insecure websites which furthermore steals user’s personal information. Hence, a user must not be misled to click on such links.

Check the URL: On clicking on links in emails, a careful assessment of URL in browser’s address bar must be done, as criminals generally obtain a web address similar to genuine Marks and Spencer website.

Check for encryption: Genuine e-commerce websites use encryption to protect sensitive data from being stolen. A website asking for data, without a padlock symbol in browser indicates an insecure website which may be a phishing attempt. Furthermore, address bar of latest browsers turns green for genuine websites asking for financial information.

Never download: Criminals can trick users into downloading malicious files into their systems, distributing viruses, stealing banking information.

Users must regularly examine their bank statements, used for payment of Xbox Live account subscriptions and subsequent purchases of Microsoft Points used to download EA Sports content. In case of abnormalities, changing of passwords and contacting Microsoft’s Xbox Live customer service would be a good strategy. Also, Microsoft provides the facility of erasing payment details of service by calling customer service desk.

With an option of purchasing Gold subscriptions and Microsoft Points from shops, customers can get cards bearing redeem codes to be entered into Xbox 360, without giving Microsoft credit card or bank details.

To save your PC from such cyber criminals and ensure complete PC security, help from best players in the field of technical support may be sought, helping you preserve your privacy.

Hacking and cyber black marketing have become a profitable business in this cyber-age instigating people to undertake unlawful activities. With the advancement of technology, cyber criminals are discovering more and more ways to sneak into your computer systems through network. This in turn exposes you to malwares, spywares, viruses and ad wares, challenging your privacy. A bunch of threats which mandates a user to adopt safe browsing habits in order to protect sensitive personal information and computer systems.

Safe Browsing Tips

Tips for Safe Browsing

Safe Browsing Tips

The Antivirus solutions available in the market, alone cannot protect your system from all such security threats. Antivirus products doesn’t offer any guarantees, especially against user errors. To protect your system from such threats, certain safe browsing and general security tips, apart from antivirus products, must be followed.

– The browser plug-ins, especially Flash and Java, must be updated consistently. Malware often takes advantage of third-party plug-in security exploits, and plug-in developers regularly release updates to cover any glaring gaps.

– The operating system must be timely updated. Whether it’s Windows, OS X, Android, or some other operating system, updates must be installed upon availability; especially when it comes to security updates.

 – A web browser other than Internet Explorer must be used for browsing, due to the IE security holes. While the newest version of IE performs well while browsing sites over internet, alternative browsers which could be used include Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera.

– Advertisements are a common attack path for malware distributors. Ad Block Plus must be installed for Firefox or Chrome users to prevent 99% of advertisements getting displayed in your browser.

– Beware of phishing emails stealing usernames, passwords and other private information, redirecting to a page similar to a secure website but operating with an ulterior motive of stealing information.

– Care must be taken while supplying personal info on social networking sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Orkut, etc. Do not accept friends request from random people, unless you confirm their identity.

– Use difficult-to-answer “security questions” for password reset tools and do not reveal the same on social networking sites or blogs.

But no amount of caution and safe browsing habits can ever guarantee complete internet security, but following these tips will drastically reduce the probability of an Internet user becoming a victim of malware, identity or data theft.

All said and done, when in doubt about the security, a professional help could be sought from various premier organizations which offer services to shield your system from all sorts of threats.

Your Network might be at risk

Network Security

Secure your network

In this modern and technologically advanced era, individuals and business entities dream of reaching the pinnacle of techno-tree. And buoyed by this urge for easy and anytime access to information and resources, the use of a network is mandated. Furthermore, with the advent of internet, security threats have become a major concern across the cyber world.

What is a network?

A network is an assembly of hardware components and computers interlinked by communication networks allowing a user to share resources and information. It may be either public or private and may help businesses, government organizations and individuals to conduct transactions and connect on a daily basis. In short, a network is a group of two or more computer systems linked together which enables information sharing. There are a number of networks namely, Local Area Networks (LANs), Wide Area Networks (WANs), Campus-area networks (CANs), Metropolitan-area networks MANs and Home-area networks (HANs).

Network Security:

Network security is an action taken to detect as well as avert unauthorized usage of your computer. It consists of application of software as well as networking infrastructure for safeguarding computers from illicit use, breakdown, destruction or improper revelation. In fact, network security provides a protected environment within which users can perform important functions on a computer.

In pursuit of various financial, political or social motives, a number of cyber criminals perform malicious activities though the network, challenging your privacy. An effective network security policy aims at detecting risks and selecting the best tools to tackle them.

Secure your Network:

A prior knowledge of the attacking methods allows a user to take appropriate security measures against all threats. A network security means the security of the network as a whole covers computers as well as the communication channel. The network structure itself causes many security threats to arrive into a network.

The security of a network initiates with authenticating the user, usually with a username and a password. Encryption of files and firewalls are various security measures which can be implemented to protect the network from cyber criminals.

In order to obtain a secure system environment, network security is an indispensable step every business entity needs to take. Without a safe network, your computer and business might be at risk. There are a number of leading organizations in the market intending to provide solutions for issues concerning computer security.

Spyware Support

Spyware - Stealthily entering your PC

In the current era where computers and networks seem to dominate, the internet is being effectively used as a medium for sharing information and knowledge. Highly considered for its ability to offer  something sweet as well as bitter; leading to not only ease of information sharing and timeliness but at the same time fanning threats of data theft and reduced privacy.

On occasions even leading to breach of confidential information and data to fulfill all sorts of unlawful financial, political, social activities and motives.

Know Spywares

Spywares are considered as a category of malware which when installed on a PC end up gathering information about all its users without seeking permission. Spywares sneak into the computer systems which are hidden from the user and are very tough to detect.

Spyware merely do not just secretly monitor the user’s computer but also gather personal information related to internet surfing habits and the sites being visited. Further, as it goes a spyware can also interfere with the user control of a computer through installation of additional software and redirection of Web browser activity. One of those abilities which has the power to modify computer settings resulting in slow connection speeds, different home pages, loss of internet connection or functionality of other programs.

Deceitfulness of Spywares:

Due to the menace being spread around by Spywares; a number of organizations have seriously started considering the prospect of providing anti-spyware software for safeguarding computer systems. Authorities around the world have ended up passing anti-spyware laws, targeting any software furtively installed into a user’s computer to take tight control of its activities.

Development of various programs like hijackers and key loggers by shared, corporate, or public computers to secretly monitor their activities. At times even bringing into use spyware software not only capable of stealing Email ID’s, passwords but for that matter even credit card information.

Apart from moral principles and privacy issues, spyware also ends up stealing from a user by using a computer’s memory resources and bandwidth.  With the spyware even going on to make use of memory and system resources and causing applications in the background to even crash or become unstable.

Leading experts to develop surveillance tools which allow a PC user to monitor any activities on a computer, stretching from a keystroke capture to chat logging, snapshots to email logging and well almost everything considered as suspicious. Tools devised for parents, enterprises and similar environments, but can end up being misused if installed on a computer without prior information.

Disengage Spywares:

The Anti-spyware laws passed by the authorities across the globe have not been able to halt criminal tendencies possessed by spywares. Often forcing PC users to seek expert help from premier organizations specializing in anti-spyware support and any espionage related matters. Leading to a conclusion that the best technical support comes in handy wherein a user needs to guard his system from deceitful activities of cyber criminals; often looking to eye a PC user’s privacy for their own benefit.

Online Computer Support

Cyber Crime - A Menace

In this cyber age, wherein a vast range of activities are carried out using modern technology, unlawful activities carried out in collusion with criminal expertise are not all that far either. Turning Cyber-crime into a harsh reality, wherein a computer is either used as a tool or the gadget becomes a target of criminal activities. In short, Cyber Crime has become a menace in this technologically advanced world. A claim further substantiated by a rise in criminal activities endangering a nation’s security and financial strength.


Menace of Cyber Crime:

The internet while connecting users worldwide; provides enormous amount of information and services. It has also ended up exposing netizens to security threats. In fact, its deviant offshoot; cyber-crime has been considered to give rise to range of illegal activities and breach of privacy through activities such as e-mail espionage, spams, data diddling, credit card fraud, software piracy and so on. Turning crime into an all too evident and prominent force considered responsible towards escalation of incidents related to hacking, copyright breach, child pornography and child grooming.


A drive for Cyber Crime:

A desire for money and information, encourage people to engage in criminal activities promising lower risks and higher ROI. Luring various cyber criminals to commit fraud, steal financial information and hack into networks in order to fulfil their craving for money and power. A case where it might be observed vulnerable computers with lower protection definitions fall prey to cybercriminals, always looking around to get their hands on confidential information.

Forcing authorities to identify culprits on the basis of motives instigate

d by the surroundings in which they live. Leading to a conclusion children and adolescents in the age group of 9-16 tend to commit such crimes for the sheer amusement quotient associated with them.  Or if otherwise; looking forward to accomplish various political, social and religious objectives, or joining a group of organised hackers to carry out a range of cyber-criminal activities. And yes, if cyber criminals are not a part of the aforementioned spectrum they end up comprising of displeased employees and professional hackers aiming to satisfy their financial motives through corporate espionage.


Guard your system:

Due to the rising competition and a craving for information and services, a drastic change has been observed in the cyber world. Virtually all activities are performed using modern technology. Leading expert

s around the world repeatedly express concern over the vulnerability of the computers and networks becoming victims of unlawful activities carried out by cyber criminals.

With effect, a blatant criminal exploitation of computers and networks forcing individuals to obtain a robust technical support that would end up safeguarding them from deceitful activities carried out by the cyber criminals. Spring up opportunities galore for a number of premier organizations to provide a hassle-free service delivery, provide online technical support offering services like Virus & Malware removal, spyware & adware removal, printer support, router support and so on. In essence, asking one to not only install a complete defense mechanism for protecting the system from venomous cyber criminals but guaranteeing its survival in such a vicious world for a time to come.

Virus removal/support
Microsoft releases a temporary fix for Duqu Virus

In the recent times, a new deadly virus named ‘Duqu’ was discovered by Symantec Corporation, believed to be an offspring of the Stuxnet virus – perhaps the most potent virus which not only managed to infiltrate the computer systems in Iran but also ended up impairing the nation’s nuclear research program. With codes of both the viruses closely resembling each other, the researchers from the Symantec Corporation ended up believing Duqu was a brain child of the same group behind Stuxnet or somehow the latter had managed to latch on to Stuxnet’s code.

Turn of events; giving rise to speculation Duqu was merely gathering intelligence as an antecedent to a future industrial-strength attack on infrastructure computers. Better still the sneaky Duqu had been primarily designed to leave the back door open for precisely 36 days, and then self-destruct.


De-Mystifying Duqu:

Due to the serious danger posed by the Duqu virus, Microsoft Corporation issued a temporary solution to counter the malicious virus hiding in Word files, for that matter even propagating the use of a “zero-day vulnerability” code to take control of PCs operating on Windows OS. The computer giant responded expeditiously to the warnings of security experts with respect to the Duqu virus infecting machines in the UK, France, Iraq and Iran.

Microsoft Fights Back

To stop Duqu in its tracks, Microsoft recommends Windows 7, Windows XP Service Pack 3 and Windows Vista Service Pack 2 users to install a temporary security fix. And somehow to make the overall installation experience easier for customers, Microsoft has come out with a one click installation of the fix that would make the overall deployment anything but easy.

If experts are to be believed, any attacker successfully exploiting the vulnerability could run arbitrary code in kernel mode, even going to the extent of installing programs; modify, or deleting data; or creating new accounts with complete user rights. A pointer goes on to highlight the fact that authors of the virus are brilliant and dreadfully business oriented, and have a good working knowledge of industrial command and control systems.

But then according to the facts put forth by Microsoft, the risk for the clients is low and any updated signatures taken from their anti-malware vendors based on the information provided is bound to keep them away from harms way.

Or for a hassle-free and convenient computer support, the clients can take solace from the prominent organizations like PCCare247, possessing high-end expertise in anti-malware and anti-virus solutions. The company has an inimitable and a competent service delivery mechanism, always willing to act as a knight in the shining armor.

Computer virusDuqu’s Origin:
In October, a new, highly-sophisticated virus, named “Duqu” began to appear in the cyber world. Discovered by the Symantec Corporation, this mysterious computer virus had a code similar to the Stuxnet virus; held responsible for wreaking havoc on Iran’s nuclear program.

With various government and private agencies worldwide sprinting forward to unlock the secret of the virus; suggested the virus was a brainchild of sophisticated hackers looking forth to mount attacks on critical infrastructure such as power plants, oil refineries and pipelines.

Feats of Duqu:
The Duqu virus targets victims via an email with a Microsoft Word attachment. According to a Symantec researcher, the virus found in the email but not the attachment ends up taking control of the computer. If unchecked, it can proliferate in the network and seriously end up threatening the privacy of a computer system.

Quite similar to Stuxnet virus, Duqu instead of destroying systems infects them through penetration, resulting in creation of “back door” vulnerabilities. And if that’s not enough, the Duqu attacker also has the ability to “install programs; view, change, or delete data; or create new accounts with full user rights.

After-effects of the attack:
India bolts server linked to Duqu computer virus:
According to a recent report, Indian authorities initialized an investigation of a computer server in Mumbai for links to the Duqu malicious software, which some security experts warned could be the next big cyber menace.

Web Werks, a Mumbai-based Web-hosting company, ended up giving an image of the suspicious virtual private server to officials from the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In). A step taken after the security firm Symantec Corporation latched on to a server communicating with computers infected with the Duqu virus.

As informed by an employee of Web Werks, officials from India’s Information Technology Department seized two hard drives and various other parts of the server from their company.

Answering the attack:
Microsoft has reacted to reports of the Duqu Trojan virus, admitting that it even though it doesn’t have a patch yet, but it is working around to mitigate its affect on Windows. To this effect, Microsoft has issued a temporary fix for the malignant Duqu virus — also known as “Son of Stuxnet” — which could affect users of Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 as well as Windows Server 2008. Further, the company added it is also working on a “high-quality security updates to address the culprit ‘Duqu’ ”.

The IT experts encourage customers to either apply the workaround or ensure updated signatures from their anti-malware vendor based on the information provided by the Microsoft. With the best and unparalleled anti-malware solution, various premier organizations like PCCare247 provide the best online technical support and protection of the computer systems from such malicious viruses.

Nitro Malware, malwareIn the recent times, Symantec came out with a white paper titled “The Nitro Attacks: Stealing Secrets from the Chemical Industry”. One of those endeavors wherein high-end research was carried out by the organization to highlight the threats of targeted attacks and their overall bearing on industrial establishments.

Delving deeper and demystifying the “Nitro” threat
The “nitro” attack is a mystifying combination of malware practices indicative of high-end ingenuity. Combining socially engineered email message with malicious attachment it has been considered as the main culprit for attacking industrial companies and stealing their confidential information. Stringent in its orientation and even though with the malware section of the attack considered to be a recycled version of the common remote access Trojan (RAT) Poison Ivy, it is often parceled in an encrypted archive to dodge an email gateway.
Further, Nitro also portrayed itself as a necessary Adobe Flash or anti-virus update, tricking hapless PC users into installing the malware. And yes but of course identical to numerous other targeted attacks, it as expected ends up striking the weakest link, the human race.
With the malware also possessing the ability to steal passwords from compromised Windows computers, PC users are advised against giving up their administrative rights and in the bargain end up risking their computer’s security. Although malwares cannot access the Windows cache of passwords, they are always craving for your keystrokes, logins, passwords, address book and credit card information. So, in short the best way to thwart Nitro would be to simply restrict permissions.

Origin of Nitro
The ‘Nitro’ Trojan’s directive was originally located on a virtual hosted server in the United States. Hard to detect, Nitro kept on growing, evolved and constantly gained strength with time. Turning into a mayhem which was not only difficult to detect but even harder to remove; testing the limits of even the most sophisticated of anti-malware applications and malicious programs.
And yes with grumpy relationships prevailing between IT security and their users, many prominent organizations ended up facing underutilization of the IT tools, allowing the malware to access important information from their networks and pose a serious threat to the IT security.
But then again, not everything might be as dark as it seems for there are still premier organizations such as PCCare247 which end up being an ideal one-stop destination for those who seek high-end expert technical support and protection of their systems from malicious elements. In short, the entity with its combination of potent new technologies provides the best and unparalleled anti-malware solution a PC user would clamor for.

Summary: PCCare247 is an elite tech support provider which enables PC users to detect and destroy malware from their network using proactive detection technologies. Bringing to a grinding halt any evil designs a malware might have. Taking all due care to go ahead and protect the secrets of an organization with high-end round-the-clock technical support.